The birth of vision

The birth of vision

For many years, I had in my heart a vision to build a Christian recreation and training center for churches, pastors, and leaders from Poland and neighboring countries. I dreamed of having a place where Christians would be able to encounter God and experience spiritual renewal, as well as receive inspiration.

But I did not know how such a center might look, where it should be, or how it would operate. I knew one thing —I wanted to create a place that would be of high quality and would have an impact on the lives of thousands of people. As years went by, my dream became more and more intense.

The breakthrough came when I took part in a school for leaders and businessmen in Hawaii, at the training center of the Haggai Institute. I then saw how elegant and nicely built the center was, and the quality of training was great. I realized then that it is precisely this type of training center which I should create for the Christians of Central Europe.

While at this seminar, I thought, „Why should we pastors and leaders from Central and Eastern Europe have to offer our trainings and conferences in poor conditions? Why should we sleep in rooms for 16 people? Why should pastors have to sleep on mattresses or beds that should have been replaced a long time ago? Why should we go home from the conferences more tired than when we arrived?

We need to start doing things at the highest level that we possibly can!

Now is the time to act with ‘class’! Great holidays, conferences, and trainings can take place not only abroad but also in Poland!”

Vision becomes reality

When I came back from America, I started working on the implementation of the vision. By God’s grace, I was able to buy an old hotel and a few acres of land. Within only a few years, we have brought this property to a functioning and productive level, constantly working on creating a wonderful environment for the guests I had dreamed about for so long.
In January 2006, we opened Christian Recreation and Training Center ”Green Pastures” for the use of the Church, believing that it will be a place that will contribute greatly to a breakthrough in the lives of thousands of people in our country and neighboring countries.


The resort has its own life. Christians from Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belarus, the United States, and many other countries come to stay here.
In addition to many other offerings, we host

  • seminars
  • conferences
  • holiday times
  • conventions
  • retreats.

This is a place where Christians from various counties have a chance to

  • rest
  • hear inspiring teachings
  • meet interesting people
  • come closer to God,
  • renew their strength
  • reflect upon their lives
  • Some people even come here to write books!

„Green Pastures” Center is the fulfillment of my dreams and visions. By God’s grace, we’ve created a place that positively transforms the lives of thousands of people.
Today, we invite you to experience this miracle and vision.

See you in Karlowice!

Marek Kiewra

Director, Christian Recreation and Training Center “Green Pastures”