New Project #3 Family Center

Dear Friends!!!

Love and greetings from Poland.

Let me tell you that with God’s help we have started to do Project #3 FAMILY CENTER. Our desire is to have 11 more double rooms, kitchen, small conference room, etc. We trust and believe God that we will finish it by the end of the Fall. The work has been started and everyday there is new progress. One room has been “adopted”. We still need to raise help for 10 more rooms to finish. The cost for finishing 1 room and bathroom together we would need $5,000,- If you or your church would like to adopt 1 room, we would love to offer you to stay in “YOUR ROOM”  free.

I pray and trust God that we will raise this help.
Please be praying for us and this PROJECT.
Below is the link how you can donate and a few photos.

May the Lord bless you
Marek and Marysia
P.S. It will almost look like this picture when we finish!!!