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Christian Recreation and Training Center

Christian Recreation and Training Center „Green Pastures” in Karlowice is one of the most modern of its kind in Poland, able to host 70 people.

This unique place adjusts to the needs of groups and families, combining traditional Polish hospitality with excellent conditions. It’s a perfect place to make important decisions as well as for training and rest in a warm, welcoming atmosphere and comfortable surroundings.

Our Mission

We are here to serve Christians who need relaxation and inspiration and leaders who would like to organize life-changing events.

In implementing our mission, we want to create an environment in which Christians can relax and strengthen themselves spiritually in order to be more effective in life for God and other people.

Our services

1. We organize conferences, trainings, seminars, retreats, etc.
2. We provide facilities and support for Christian groups and leaders who organize conferences, trainings, seminars, conventions, retreats, and holidays for families.

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3. We provide a place of rest for groups, families, and individuals.

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4. We organize weddings and parties.

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Rest and gain strength

Christian Recreation and Training Center „Green Pastures” is a perfect place to relax, meet with God, hear inspiring teaching, and to rethink life.

We create the perfect environment that helps in church growth and in strengthening families. You can meet inspiring people here and establish meaningful relationships.

Since our center is located in an interesting geographical location, it is also a great base for excursions and hiking.